Fantastic Beasts (Page Turner Adventures)

Mermaids, unicorns, alien slugs, and other creatures that MAY or MAY NOT exist will be the focus during this magical week.

This week is DINO-mite with a special guest and author visit all rolled into one. Dinosaur expert Dustin Growick is the creator and host of Atlas Obscura's Dinosaur 101 and the Dinosaur Show on YouTube. He is also the author of Dinosaur A to Z and Utterly Amazing Dinosaur.

Creepy Crawlies (Page Turner Adventures)

It's a bug's life! This week is dedicated to critters that creep, crawl, and fly as we investigate insects, arachnids, and even a butterfly or two.

Sit back and enjoy as internationally known storyteller, performer, and teaching artist Bobby Norfolk thrills us with tales of that famous trickster, Ananse the Spider. Bobby is also a three-time Emmy Award winner, multiple Parents' Choice Gold and Silver Award winner, and a National Storyteller Network Oracle Award recipient.

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