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Issues & Controversies screenshot
Issues & Controversies

Explores and analyzes hundreds of hot topics in politics, business, government, crime, law, energy, education, health, family, science, foreign policy, race, rights, society, and culture. Offers objective analysis with clear explanations of opposing points of view. Features chronologies, illustrations, maps, tables, sidebars, bibliographies, pro/con arguments, primary documents, contact information, and more. Updated weekly.

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Issues & Controversies in American History screenshot
Issues & Controversies in American History

Offers clear, concise, and balanced explanations of the most contentious issues in American History, including Civil Rights and liberties, Constitutional issues and court cases, slavery and race issues, and others. Includes pro/con arguments, primary source documents, biographies, timelines, background articles, images, maps, statistical charts, encyclopedia survey articles, and more.

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Points of View Reference Center screenshot
Points of View Reference Center

Offers resources that present multiple sides of current and/or controversial topics. Includes more than 1,300 essays, leading political magazines from all sides of the political spectrum, newspapers, radio & TV news transcripts, primary source documents, and reference books. Each topic includes an overview (background/decscription), point (argument), and counterpoint (opposing argument), plus guides to critical analysis. It also offers guides for writing position papers, developing arguments and debating.  

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Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection screenshot
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

Provides full-text publications, including peer-reviewed titles, for the fields of psychology and the behavioral sciences. Topics covered include emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry and psychology, mental processes, anthropology, counseling, observational and experimental methods, and more. Nearly every full-text title included in this collection is indexed in PsycINFO.

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Religion and Philosophy Collection screenshot
Religion and Philosophy Collection

Full-text journals, including peer-reviewed titles, for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies. Coverage of topics include world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy, history of philosophy, and more. Updated daily.

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Sociological Collection screenshot
Sociological Collection

Presents scholarly and peer-reviewed information for sociology and social work researchers, professionals and students. Topics include social behavior, human tendencies, interaction, relationships, community development, culture, social structure, and more. Updated daily.

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