Staff Directory


          Debbie has been the Director of Bossard Library since January 2008 and has been employed with Bossard Library since March of 1991.   She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Rio Grande and a Masters in Library and Information Science from Kent State University.  


Circulation (Ext. 222, 223, 224)

  • Susan Randolph, Circulation Manager
  • Sarah Brannen, Clerk
  • Cathy Waller, Clerk
  • McKinsey Sanders, Clerk
  • Nicholas Sheets, Clerk
  • Mollie Waugh, Page/Shelver
  • Ethan Gilbert, Page/Shelver



  • Steve Moore, Head of Maintenance (Ext. 231)
  • Eric Steger, Custodial/Maintenance Assistant


Mobile Services (Ext. 225)

  • Jack Mowery, Mobile Services Manager
  • Vickie Chaffin, Mobile Services Associate


Reference (Ext. 241, 242)


Adult Programming


Technical Services


Youth Services